Are you tired of constantly staring at your closet and feeling like you have nothing to wear?

You’ve got a great career and a busy life, and you want your clothes to represent you — but it’s hard to find time to shop, and you’re not sure how to choose outfits to complement your personality and lifestyle. 

When you don’t feel confident in your clothes, you can’t own the room. To perform at your best, you need to feel your best. Fussing with your blouse or worrying about your skirt being too short is distracting!

Why does everyone else seem to have their look so effortlessly pulled together?

Finding the right styles, fit and fabrics are key to looking + feeling beautiful.

You’re ready for move on from your outdated and frumpy wardrobe and step out confidently into the world. Looking more professional, confident and sexy doesn’t mean you have to lose the comfort you crave.

What if you could have access to clothes you are excited to wear, handpicked by a fashion stylist just for you?

What if you:

  • Understood the key tenets of style
  • Learned to dress for your body type – the one you have now
  • Stopped wasting money on clothes that weren’t right for you
  • Never felt lost when you had to dress for an important event
  • Chose timeless clothing that wouldn’t go out of style in six months
  • Got personal fashion advice that costs less than a week of lattes

All in a private and confidential setting…

 ...would you?

If you answered yes, then a solution is finally here! 

I’d like to invite you to join an exciting, affordable fashion resource to set you up with style all year round!

Join The RC Style Guide Now

Roxanne helped me discover a clear sense of my body type which is both freeing and empowering! Thanks to her, I have the confidence and the tools to create looks that are just right for me. I am inspired!

- NIA S.

You no longer have to get advice from magazines with photo-shopped models.


Instead, you can:


Get guidance from a personal stylist who understands what it takes for a real woman to feel good in her clothes.

My methodology takes women through a journey and “frees” them in the process.

Save time + money because you will finally understand your style.

Month after month you will keep adding to your knowledge base of what works for you and what doesn’t - substantially shortening your fashion learning curve.

Have clarity and direction about who you are style-wise and what you want to portray to the world.

This monthly resource will have just the right amount of tips and tricks so you can make smart purchases and know when to avoid common fashion mistakes.

Get your groove back.

You’ll finally feel confident, radiant and ready for the next phase of your life.

Let's Do This!

Roxanne knows how to style exceptionally well! She was a true inspiration in helping me define my new style, as well as cull my closet and edit my wardrobe.


Get exclusive access to The RC Style Guide!

When you join, each month you will receive practical, what-to-wear fashion advice tailored just for you including:

Rock Your Body Type
in Style

Monthly outfit recommendations based on your personal body type.

Opt to Shop

The opportunity to purchase the curated items online to make your shopping quick & easy.

Monthly Sales Guide

A report that’ll highlight the best clothing sales each month.

Monthly Live
Q&A Sessions

Ask Roxanne all of the style questions you want!

Feature Designer
of the Month

Each month I’ll highlight one designer or brand & provide insight on his/her style so you can find the best ones to follow.

Ongoing Library of
Style Resources

My hottest styling tips, how-to videos & book recommendations. New content will always be added!

24/7 Access From Anywhere

It’s easy to use, navigate, and understand.

Exclusive VIP Group

Get inspired & share your personal style journey with women like you in a private members-only Facebook VIP group!

Roxanne Carne, creator of The RC Style Guide, is a recognized Personal Stylist & Shopper who helps women redefine their personal style and own the room! An experienced stylist, Roxanne has worked with everyone from LA-based musicians and celebrities to everyday women across the U.S.

She is a graduate of the School of Style – the leading program for stylists in the U.S. – and holds certifications in personal and fashion styling.

Roxanne believes that style is a skill anyone can learn and that personal style is directly connected to success. She teaches women how to choose pieces that make them feel confident striving for new milestones in their careers, relationships & businesses.

Her styling work has been recognized by “Best Of” three years running and her work and styling insights have been featured on Fox 5, CBS DC, ABC 7, Wearables Magazine, The Washington Post, and more!

Have instant access to your Personal Stylist at only $24.99/month!

That's less than what you spend on coffee lattes every month!

Let the world see the confident, self-assured and stylish woman you are!

Ditch your ill-fitting clothes and fill up your closet with pieces you love... project the image you want and show off your best self.

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"After working with Roxanne, I feel "grounded" about my wardrobe, something I haven't felt in a long time, ok, probably ever!"


Yes! Each month, a fresh set of looks for your body type is curated by Personal Stylist, Roxanne Carne, and shared with you. These recommended looks also include styling tips specific to your body type that will help you discover how to dress your best!

No, The RC Style Guide offers real fashion for the everyday woman! And it’s a great resource if you’re a busy woman that’s always on the run!

The RC Style Guide is a unique platform that offers styled outfits that are specific to your body type and personally curated by Roxanne Carne, Personal Stylist. This customized tool includes a tutorial to help you determine your body type so you’ll always know which looks work best for you!

Yes! The RC Style Guide is a resource for women of all sizes!

Nope! The RC Style Guide is a membership service that gives you 24/7 access to monthly outfit recommendations (specific to your body type), style how-to’s and tutorials, monthly Q&A sessions with Roxanne, and more! When you're a member you get access to all current content as well as any new content that comes out while your membership is active.

You'll get immediate access to everything listed on this page as soon as you sign up!

The RC Style Guide is an ongoing membership--as long as you keep your membership status active, you'll have access to everything noted above including new content that may be developed.

The RC Style Guide is an innovative style resource and learning tool that also gives you the option to purchase recommended pieces when the time is right for you.

If you cancel, you'll have access to the membership site until the end of your current billing cycle. Due to the nature of this digital offering, refunds are not possible.

Move on to the next phase of your life with authentic & genuine styling advice!


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